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Millionaire projects is a new idea for making dreams come true. We are a team of experts in aircraft, boats, sailboats, gliders, sports and racing cars, extreme sports, top notch mountain  climbing, architecture and design, electronics, audio and video, computers, inventions of all kinds, etc., and we want to put our knowledge at your disposal.




Do you have the money and the idea, but not the time or – perhaps – the knowledge to actually pursue your project? One phone call or email is all you need to turn it into reality. At a meeting with you we will listen to your ideas, ask you questions, and discuss the way you would like to bring your project to reality.  Then you leave it all in our hands. From that moment on,  our mission will be to make  your dream come true. There are no limits, we are highly creative,  and we are perfectionists. Your project can be any size you choose. The theme is your choice. It can be anything, something related to your work or even a childhood dream.

Following are a few sample project ideas you can choose from, and how we can help you realize them.

Maybe one of your dreams is to drive in a car in a race or rally as a pilot or co-pilot. The MILLIONAIRE PROJECTS team takes care of everything for you. We get the car, round up the team of mechanics, get support vehicles, spare parts, permits, draw the routes, everything. You just say the magic words: “I want to drive a Rally” and we take care of the rest. Absolutely. Maybe you begin to get the idea. You have the money and the dream. We know the way to make it a reality. In other words, our business is to do the difficult complicated part of the project. We do the leg work, the research. We get the people and the equipment. We get the permits, deal with the freight and transportation, and put it all together for you.  All you do is enjoy! Isn’t that what money is for?


You want to own a supersonic war plane? We take care of it! (Of course, don’t expect the plane to come armed.) But barring that, you just fasten your seatbelt! You’ll be flying at more than one thousand miles per hour! How can all of this be possible? Don’t worry. That’s our job. If you just want to feel the thrill of speed, just tell us.


Have you ever dreamed of having a swimming pool with waves in your own backyard, or maybe one in which you could surf and ride your own perfect wave?   Or maybe having your own artificial snow slope for your family and guests? Just say the word.


So you’d like to have your own private business aircraft? Well, there are many things you need to know if you do not want to make a bad purchase. At MILLIONAIRE PROJECTS we assess your actual needs and decide which kind of aircraft is best for you: new or used,  turbine or prop, one or two engine, perhaps with 3, 4, 6, 8, or more passenger seats,  and so on. We help you make the right decision. And if you choose a used plane, we will inspect it thoroughly for you. If it needs adaptations, we take care of that too,  so that you can have the best your money can buy. Once the purchase has been made, we take care of all licensing and permits, we put it at the airport of your choice and we get the pilots or crew needed for the aircraft. In other words, we take care of the difficult boring part, and you just enjoy it.


Have you ever dreamt of having a yacht or luxury sailboat? There’s a lot of important things you need to know before you decide to buy, and we help you find out what they are. First of all you need to have a very clear idea of what exactly you want it for… Impress your friends? Take the family on cruises? Travel? Girls?
Live on it?


There are yachts and sailboats to match all tastes, needs and budgets. It goes without saying that not all are fit to sail in all the seas or call on all ports. Our mission will be to help you decide which is the best vessel to meet your needs, to perform all the formalities for you to acquire it and be able to sail it, to get you a place to dock it safely, and finally, to hire the captain and the crew so that everything is ready for you to sail over the weekend or on your next vacation. 


What is your dream home? Away from town? Perhaps atop a mountain that can only be reached by chopper… Maybe you want a house with great gardens, fountains, a giant swimming pool, many rooms, a small playground, a giant slide, secret passageways, a disco, a movie theater, an arcade, a stable with horses… You tell us what your dream is and let us make it come true for you. The limit, of course, is your imagination and what you wish to spend in making it all come true.


Let’s say that you want to build a Go-Kart racetrack for your children or friends in your backyard or in some other property. Well, the BIGBOY PROJECTS team will design the track, hire a team of professionals to build it, advise you on the karts you need to buy and get you a mechanic to keep your karts in optimum condition. Again, your only job is to have as much fun as possible over the weekend or the day you choose. If you wish, your track may be lit for night racing; or even better, the whole thing could be built indoors. It could be air-conditioned, and if you wish, with electric high-performance go-karts. There are some incredible ones!


Want to set a new world record in a new category? How would you like to be the first man ever to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a 100% electrical airplane? Or maybe you want to set the altitude record in a solar-powered plane? What about sailing around the world in a new record time? Or being the person who spent the longest time in the air in any kind of aircraft? We have ideas galore. Do you want a record?  We give you the idea, tell you how, and make all the necessary arrangements. You get to be in all the news programs of the world, and it goes without saying that your name will be written in all books of feats and records.


Would you like to climb the Everest, K-2, Nanga Parbat, Mount Ojos Salados or the Aconcagua (just to name a few)?  In out team we have professional mountain climbers with the experience of having reached summit of the fourteen highest peaks in the world. We will gladly train you, we will organize the expedition for you, and we will take you to the summit of your choice.


Are you feeling romantic or do you just want to impress your girl? How about serenading her with her favorite group? Imagine your wife, fiancée or girl in a place chosen by you. Suddenly, her favorite band begins to play. You could invite her friends and others to enjoy the “concert”, but she will know the evening was planned just for her. You choose the group or band and we take care of the rest. You made her the happiest girl on earth. Certainly, there will be no happier woman on earth at least for the next three months.


It doesn’t matter what you want, what your dream is, how far-fetched your project, we will help you make it come true. Don’t worry about size or scope. No matter how eccentric or difficult it may seem, at MILLIONAIRE-PROJECTS we simply have no limits!!!




Be the star in a movie! We have the directors to turn you into a film star.


Would you like to have a parachuting flight simulator for you and your friends? 


A flying belt?


Living in a medieval castle?


Having a giant telescope?


A hot-air balloon?


Travel to space?

Space Tourist

Write us and begin dreaming!


Alfonso de la Peña